Side Trails

Cricket Media published one of my first writing projects and it focused on weeds. Here's a link: What's So Dandy about the Dandelion?

A second piece, Sounds of Spring  used research I'd gathered about storks and cuckoos, while writing The Kulak's Daughter. Both birds became important symbols in that middle grade novel. I'd noted the birds while visiting rundown villages in rural Ukraine.

I contributed to the translation of Die Frauen von Janowka from German into English.

The Women of Janowka (available on Amazon) describes the journey of three women from Volhynia (my family's original home in present-day Ukraine) to modern-day Germany and eventually here, to Manitoba.

While fluent in reading and speaking German, I'm not a professional translator. So, I admit that this translation is flawed. Still, Helmut Exner wrote a great story and I was honoured to help with the English version. German readers should check out his very funny crim series set in the Harz Mountains.

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