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Nov. 2022
  Ronsdale Press
Excited to share the cover for my new book!

Crow Stone continues to explore my mom's life via the character of Katya Halter—kulak orphan, East Prussian servant girl, and now a refugee fleeing the Soviet's Red Army in the final months of the Second World War.

Thank you to the book designer, Julie Cochrane, for the wonderful cover which incorporates my mother's POW release papers.

Note the new publication date. Worth the wait, I hope! Crow Stone will be the sequel to Tainted Amber. Together, the novels form bookends to six crushing years of a ruthless war. 

Ronsdale Press,
July, 2021

Tainted Amber  - third book in my series exploring the tumultuous life of my mom during the Stalin and Nazi years. It's 1937 and Katya is now 18, working as a maid  in rural East Prussia. 

Being young and in love can be a wonderful thing but in 1937, in the Third Reich, it's all about genetics not romance.  A novel for teens and adults.

You can order here or at your own favourite bookstore. 

4 Stars and "Highly Recommended" in CM Review.  

Included in CCBC (Canadian Children's Book Centre's), Best Books, Spring, 2022.                                          

For a taste of the book, here's a link to Made in Manitoba Book Jam hosted by Anita Daher. My reading starts at about the 23 minute mark.

Here's an interview I did with nfreads.com 

Thanks to author Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, author of Making Bombs for Hitler and many more books exploring untold war stories, who writes, "Goldstone deftly plunges the reader into a past when Hitler's ideas seemed new and fresh. A timely read."

Recording of July, 2021 launch available on YouTubeThanks to Jodi Carmichael who interviewed me. Grateful to McNally Robinson Booksellers for hosting the event. Thank you to all who attended!      




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