Climbing the Beanstalk

Finally. I get to share some exciting news. Prairie Horizons is ready to accept registrations. What is it?  It's a writing retreat held every two years in beautiful, little Lumsden, Saskatchewan. And yes, small is beautiful. The place is huge in every other way - except size. 

This year's event is September 18th - 20th. CANSCAIP* (the parent of this little event) will have a link up at their website shortly. (

It's been a joy (and a frustration) to be on this year's planning committee. But what good thing comes without some frustration?  It's all about learning and connecting.

Here's the wonderful prairie literary line-up: Hazel Hutchins, Anita Daher, Linda Aksomitis and the songwriting genius, Bob King. (Yes, the same Bob King whose song, Brother for Sale was picked up by the Olsen twins back when they were cute and innocent. )

The tag line for this year's event is: Climbing the Beanstalk to Creative Success. If Jack can do it with only a few beans, we can do it with the magic of words.

Hope to see you there!

 * (Canadian Society of Authors, Illustrators and Performers).

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