Signs of spring in Winnipeg

Things have shifted in the last week, here in Winterpeg Winnipeg. Amazing what a little sun can do. We're in SPRING mode. Here are the signs:
1) Potholes - they're big, ugly and everywhere.  Poor car.
2) Puddles - it's dangerous to be a pedestrian, or to even have the sunroof open.
3) Noise - birds are twittering their little hearts out. (Chickadees, robins, even crows and a noisy, hammering woodpecker).
4) The smell of melting snow in the sunshine should be bottled and sold as 'rejuvenation'.
5) Trash - ooh, what the melting snow reveals. Last November's flyers, cigarette butts, and a winter of doggie doo. Holding my breathe and moving on....
6) Cars are revving more around the high school. 
7) Outdoor soccer practices - well, the fields are soggy, but the conditioning runs are outdoors.
8) Trees are thickening with buds - and in a few weeks they'll be green and I'll be living in my own little forest again. (Oh, except for the new plum tree that Buddy mistook for a stick and chewed - almost to the ground. What a dog.)
9) The Canada Geese are back with their mates and setting up nests in the same dangerous spots by the new roads - just like last year.
10) PUSSY WILLOWS, soft and silvery, are emerging on the edges of the Harte Trail. They're my absolute favourite sign of spring - next to the smell of melting snow, the sound of trickling water, tweets of happy birds, and the ...
Oh, I just like it all!

1 comment:

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Ahh, poor ex-Cdn Barrie.Is this really one exotic cat the San Diego Zoo doesn't have?

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