I don't take photos while I do my daily walk as a letter carrier. But I see a lot - the kind of stuff you don't see if you're driving by. For example, you wouldn't see the little grey fur ball that's been hiding under some stairs since Christmas. So scared of people, no one, neither the stair owners, or me, could catch it. The stair owners started leaving it food daily and this beautiful, angry little feline managed to survive our bitterly cold winter.  Now it's spring and guess what?

The cute little charcoal grey kitten is pregnant! Life is tough on the street. Especially for young cats in heat.  Life is tough for cats any time, though. One of the chapters that got cut in my upcoming book was about some kittens that were to be drowned. The procedure - as my mom explained - was to put most of the newborn litter into a sack with some rocks, tie it up and dump in the river. 

What could be sadder than unwanted life? Our fat, fixed feline is a happy cat - even when she's meowing her complaints and being miserable. 


Barrie said...

I'm seeing a lot of bunnies these days. And it finally hit me why. Spring!

Stacy Nyikos said...

Saving one little life at a time. That's what it's all about :-)

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