Ursula Mahlendorf

Almost finished reading The Shame of Survival - Working Through a Nazi Childhood by Ursula Mahlendorf. It's a 2009 release. I chose it as background reading for my WIP. This book is fascinating: a first-person female youth's perspective. There are so many levels to this book. There's the obvious political, then the family dynamics, the war, and the growth of self. It explains so much - not by telling, but by showing. All those severe German attitudes I grew up with - and still encounter - are there in the characters of her book, and, of course, the great universal spasm between adults and young people.

It's also fascinating to see her love of literature develop - reminds me of The Book Thief - one of my all time favorite novels. She puts samples of German poetry in the book - poems I remember reading as a student when I had to go to Saturday morning German School.

I'm close to the end now, and it's growing ever more compelling.


Veronica Leigh said...

Wow, this book is on my reading list too. It sounds intriguing.

Barrie said...

I just noticed where your book signing is. A Rand McNally opened recently near my sister's house in Toronto. And, in a little synchronicity, your signing is the same day that I So Don't Do Spooky releases. :)

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Yes, do read it - although I must admit - right at the end I got annoyed.

Gabriele Goldstone said...

cute try
It's McNally Robinson not Rand McNally (the latter was an atlas company, if I remember correctly, blue and yellow mapbook)

But they are a super additio to any commuity!

A rootdigger said...

I know you don't want to spoil, but why were you annoyed. I just read a lot allover web about her book, thus I got here, lol. but looking for review honestly of book. I can't aford to buy so just want the pleasure through others.

also thinking of blogging about it. I also notice you have no follow feature. feed?

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