McNally Robinson Book Signing

It's a signing! Books for Christmas gift giving.

Where: McNally Robinson (Grant Park) in Winnipeg.
To be specific - at the bottom of the spiral staircase which leads
up to the kids' books section.
When: Saturday, December 18th. I'll be there between 3 and 4 p.m.
There'll be children book authors signing all day.

Featured authors include: Rae Bridgman, Martha Brooks, Anita Daher,
Gabriele Goldstone, Brenda Hasiuk, Perry Nodelman, Craig Russell,
Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon, Joe McLellan, Susan Rocan, Chris Rutkowski,
Duncan Thornton, and Larry Verstrate.

I'm just thrilled to be in their company.

1 comment:

Barrie said...

If only I lived closer.

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