Book ending

I should mention that my publisher, Blooming Tree Press - down in Austin, Texas - has ceased to exist. This means of course, that my book - The Kulak's Daughter - is no longer available.

Please contact me directly, if you'd like a copy.

And if you're interested in a reading about a frustrating publishing experience, check out this blog post by Lori Ann Stephens, a fellow Blooming Tree author.

Time to move on. I must focus on getting my sequel published. I also plan on releasing an e-book version of The Kulak's Daughter some time in the future. Watch here for details.


Dianne Young said...

Sorry to hear that! Glad I got my copy at the CANSCAIP conference.

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Dianne, you have a great publisher. Be proud!

Jodi Carmichael said...

Now you can focus on book two! And then get the first republished with a better publisher!

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