Meet Katya!

May I introduce you to Katya—the doll—attached to her own little doll, Nadya.  Katya is the protagonist of both Red Stone and Broken Stone.  
The  doll workshop at the Forum Art Centre was so much fun. Can't understand why it wasn't sold out.  I think I'll use my leftover clay and try to make Zenta, Katya's shaggy black and white sheep dog. I'll see how that goes without the help of Helen my talented and inspiring instructor. (Helen, coincidentally is from Russia and has just survived her first Winnipeg winter!)  Here's my co-doll-maker, Judy, with her awesome weathered-looking gardener complete with shovel and a recycled letter carrier jacket. 

This morning I decided that Katya was still missing something and so I scrummaged around and found an old lace-edged handkerchief. It works perfect for her apron and kerchief, plus, the edging was crocheted by my mom or one of her sisters.

This is the first time I've ever tried something like this. For me character study always involved words. Now I've learned a teeny bit about character from an artist's perspective. The head, feet and hands are sculpted from clay, while the rest of the body is stuffed. This means Katya needs a stand to support herself which Helen's husband kindly offered to build for her. (Barbie can't stand on her own either.)

This Katya doll will accompany me on book signings. You can meet her in person at the Millennium Library on May 7th, at the Local Author Fair

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