Own it!

I think writing the year 2020 is going to be a lot of fun. It flows so easily on the keyboard: 2020. 

A writing friend, and fellow blogger, has challenged her readers to come up with a word for the year. I’ve done this in the past, before I knew it was a thing. Last year, I had the word, enough, like in I’m good enough, life’s good enough taped near my desk. I got that inspiration from reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic

This year, my word’s going to be two words (but they’re short). Own it. Cheating. I know. Own it. That’s my word. By own it, I mean, little gabby isn’t going to shy away from who she is or what’s happening. My inner child—self-conscious, insecure and hyper-sensitive—is going to own up to who she is—warts and all. Oh, and those warts, they ain’t pretty. But maybe I’m just at the age where the authenticity of pain . . . of salt in my wounds . . . beats the dead scar tissue of past hurts. 

Maybe when I say own it, I also want to include Brene Brown's theme of being vulnerable. Yes, I'm going try to own vulnerability this year. . . wherever it takes me . . . even if it means writing boring blogposts. Trying to be perfect is way too stressful, too lonely, too boring. Thanks for the inspiration to MP Catherine Mckenna. Happy 2020.

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