Summer Reading

It takes time to read a book. Even longer to write them. In our world of instant that’s sometimes hard to swallow. But slowing down makes time move slower and the hot, hazy days of summer are a good time for slow. 

What are you reading this summer and why? My summer reading list includes: 

The Postcard: Anne Berest Why? A postcard was the catalyst for my own work, currently out on submission. 

Afternoon Light: Ralph Beer Why? Recommended to me by a good friend. 

You, the Story: Ruta Sepetys Why? Love this author’s historical fiction. 

The Crow who Tampered with Time: Lloyd Raztlaff Why? Crow in the title. 

Paper Roses on Stony Mountain: Diana Stevan Why? Read an earlier book by this author. 

The Memory Keeper of Kyiv: Erin Litteken Why? Recommended by several writer friends. 

The Lost Daughters of Ukraine: Erin Litteken Why? Highly recommended by friends. 

Bündnis der Herzen: Sibel Daniel Why? Second World War, German point of view 

Der Artzt von Stalingrad: Heinz Konsalik Why? In my dad’s book collection.

Maya's Memories Gene Kirichenko  Why? A thoughtful gift from a friend.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer of books. Wishing you safe travels, whether it's by air, sea, bike, kayak, foot, or in a hammock in the shade. Take time to take it slow. 

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