The last weekend of January - finally. It's been a long one this year. As a mail carrier who spends four hours a day out walking - I feel intimately connected with the weather. Usually, I love it - even the cold. A day of minus 30 (that's celsius here in Canada) when the sun is shining and there's no wind, is totally as beautiful as a plus 30 day in July. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Why has January felt so long this year? Could very well be my state of mind after finding my book postponed to 2009. I'll get over it.

Years ago when I first became a letter carrier I had to hide this truth from my mom for four years. Why? Because when I'd hinted about my plans she'd begged me not to. For her the winters of Winnipeg are like the winters of Siberia. She didn't want her only daughter to experience the cold like she had. Eventually I told her - and I still have to remind her on the weekends when I visit - that cold doesn't feel so cold when you have warm clothes to wear, proper boots for your feet and a satisfied stomach. (Central heating and a block heater for the car helps, too.)

Isn't all of life more manageable when you have the proper gear to face it?

The Class of 2k8 is getting much positive attention. The first two books have been launched - Liz Gallagher's The Opposite of Invisible and Lisa Schroeder's I Heart You, You Haunt Me.
They're getting excellent reviews and I'm sure looking forward to reading them. Dreams have come true for these debut novelists and I wish them both much continued success.

Weather forecast: Balmy high of minus six today - blizzard warning for Tuesday! Let me get my gear ready and then ... bring it on!

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