linden blossoms

Linden tree facts
1. The linden tree is also known as a lime tree.
2. Linden trees are valued for their shade, but especially for their blossoms.
3. The blossoms are creamy white, in clusters of five.
4. Linden trees can live up to 700 years.
5. In old days it was thought that merely sitting under a linden tree could cure epilepsy and related conditions.
6. Linden blossoms have a long history as a medicinal tea.
7. In June the blossoms are picked and dried.
8. Linden blossom tea reduces headache.
9. Linden blossom tea helps digestion.
10. Linden blossom tea is calming and soothing.
11. Linden blossom tea helps break a fever by causing one to perspire.
12. Some believe it lowers high blood pressure.

Wow! Who needs a doctor, if you have a linden tree?

When I was in Federofka, one of the villagers gave me a bag of freshly dried linden tree blossoms. In my novel, I have my characters pick linden blossoms and then rely on the tea to survive while in exile in Siberia.

My mother sometimes sang a beautiful song about a linden tree. I've tried to find it, but no luck so far. The words go something like this "Vor den Haus steht eine Linde. Sie weht ihr Aest im Winde. Da sitzen davor ein altes Paar. Sie sitzen als waren sie schon immer da. Sie denken zuruecke, an Jugend und Gluecke. Vorbei, vorbei. Mein Schatz, vorbei."

Translation: "In front of the house, stands a Linden tree. Its limbs sway in the wind. Beneath it sits an old couple. They sit as if they've always been there. They remember the past, they remember youth and happiness. It's over, it's over. My love, it's over."


Barrie said...

Fun facts. I wonder if we have linden trees down here. I'll have to google it. :)

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Hi Barrie! Thanks for the visit.

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Gabe, I am a new vistor to your blog. I love the posting about linden trees. I am currently writing a middle grade novel that really centers around the wisdom of trees. May I ask where you found this plethora of info about Linden trees? This is exactly the type of info I find so useful for my novel.

Also, I don't think Linden trees live in the north east USA, do they? I've never heard of them before.

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Hi Sheri,
Happy to meet someone else who loves trees. In my next life ... being a tree might be nice ... or a rock, I like rocks, too.

Linden trees have a special power ... old European species. Google is amazing.

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