time for reading

it's the second week the kulak's daughter gets to be noticed on the local bestseller list. slipped to 3rd place, though, thanks to neil gaiman's trip through the city. that's okay, i'm thrilled just to have it noticed at all. (this can't & won't last, though - first, because of supply issues, and secondly, because it's historical fiction and kind of depressing).

i've read some amazingly good books lately (see my reading list) which both humble me and make me again realize the power of books. i've been forced into a more couch-centered lifestyle while my wrist mends. we're such a busy world - reading books can seem so unimportant, so disconnected from life. why can't we give books and reading more time, more power, more prestige? while i don't wish anyone a broken bone, i wish all of you time to indulge in good books!

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