bad news, bad timing

in keeping with the general trend of my life - the wonderful independent bookseller, mcnally robinson, (canada's largest indie) has filed for bankruptcy protection. see more detailed story here (for the Toronto story) and here (for the local Winnipeg version).

this is bad news for me because i'll probably never see any of the money they owe me. my debut novel was launched there and was even on their pre-Christmas bestseller list for 2 weeks. as an unsecured creditor i'll be at the very bottom of their debt list. nobody ever goes into writing to make money - but i sure lost money now.


Veronica Leigh said...

I'm so sorry. Could you possibly try to get it published somewhere else?

Gabriele Goldstone said...

no - my book is out - it should be on amazon any moment now - mcnally robinson is just one bookstore - unfortunately the bookstore that launched my book - but the book is definitely available both in Canada and the USA.

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