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I met Bev at a TLA conference back in 2008. We got to speak on a panel about cultural diversity. We're also fellow Blooming Tree authors. I was eager to read her book and it's been well worth the long wait. If I could use only one word to describe Bev it'd be dynamic - and this same dynamic energy flows through her debut novel, Haven. Her characters are strong and totally engaging. The pacing just pulled me along. Everytime I finished a chapter, I'd want to start the next. The plot surprises are well crafted and the resolution satisfies (don't want to give the ending away).

But what really blew me away were the metaphors. They sparkled. Nothing is more jarring than an out-of-place comparison. But Bev has a gift for showing feelings and character by giving vivid images. Let me give an example (or two):

"All the talk of jail and Britt's burns and rotten mothers weighed on me, like one of those lead blankets the dentist puts on you for x-rays." (chapter 16).

Or, back in chapter 10, where she describes Stark: "His bright blue eyes on his oil-smudged face looked like two patches of fresh sky surrounded by thunderheads."

Bev's writing reminds me of Stark's eyes - fresh and bright. May her career as a novelist will continue to sparkle. Go, Bev!

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Beverly Patt said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Gabe! I am honored:)

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