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I attended a local workshop last night at Aqua Books. The topic: How to sell yourself, without selling yourself. We were a small group - and most there were young enough to be my children (maybe people, old like me, aren't supposed to be still trying to sell themselves or their ideas).

Little do those youngsters know that age has nothing to do with numbers. Age is more about attitude. Also, I discovered I came from the wrong part of the town. This bookstore tries to ignore people like me living out in the 'burbs. I always find that sort of pre-judging enlightening and amusing. Culture has such snob appeal.

Anyway. Here, in six short points, are Kelly Hughes' secrets to successfully selling one's self. (Nothing too original here, but totally useful, nonetheless.) These points can be applied directly to book marketing.
1. Passion
2. Presentation
3. Positioning
4. Personna
5. Partnerships
6. Persistence

Thank you, Kelly Hughes (aka Mayor of Winnipeg's Cultural City Hall).

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Barrie said...

I was just reading today about the North Korean gulag. And it made me realize how anxious I am to read your book.

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