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Life on the couch has been totally fun. The good, or should I say, great, books just keep falling into my lap. What a way to mend a broken bone. I totally escaped with Barrie Summy's 2nd book in her "i so don't do" series with her energetic, charismatic Sherry character. This one, I So Don't Do Spooky is even better than the first of the series - or maybe that's just because I've warmed up to Sherry now and she feels like a crazy, lovable daughter. Very contemporary, very funny. I see the 3rd book in the series will be out in the spring. Can't wait.

I gobbled up another book this past week that somehow got misplaced in my "to read" pile. J. E. MacLeod's Waiting to Score. Wow! This book really impressed me. I couldn't stop reading and then I had to make my 17 year old read it. She usually doesn't go for my suggestions but I know she was up pretty late last night with it. This book's strength is the characters. They are complex, real, and empathetic. Great tension, great upper YA read. (definitely not for middle graders).

J.E. Macleod is from Calgary. I look forward to reading more from her. Hey, and I have another Calgary writer's new book in my reading pile - Leslie Carmichael's The Amulet of Amon-Ra.

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