Prisoner of War memoir

Just finished reading a memoir called The Night is full of Stars by Friedrich Schmitz-Herberg. The book was first written in German in 1949, shortly after the author's release from Soviet captivity. The English translation didn't come out until October, 2009.

This book appealed to me because both my parents were prisoners-of-war in the USSR. My mom was released in 1947 due to failing health and my father came out in November, 1949. The final transport of German prisoners-of-war from Russia, didn't go home until 1955.

My father had a friend who was captured by the Americans and spent several years in continental USA. He has fond memories of his prisoner-of-war time. Clean, white sheets and an opportunity to take courses.

Now I'm reading the diary of a Canadian taken prisoner-of-war by the Germans. Interesting to compare the experiences.

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