Reading Local

I'm on my last book - the last of my Prairie Horizon shopping spree. I bought seven novels and two picture books. I have so enjoyed these books. All are by Canadian publishers. Several of them are by Coteau Books - a Regina publisher. One was by Thistledown from Saskatoon, another one by Dundurn Press and finally, the first of this grouping, was by Tundra Books.

It's been fun reading local. Kind of like eating local, you know. Just gives me a great since of community. They've all been historical fiction up until now. This last one, Drummer Girl by Karen Bass, is contemporary. Back to the present!

What fun it would be to teach novels to kids. You can cover history, science, geography, social issues, family relationships, etc. just by reading novels. I'm sure math could be worked in there, too. Books! One of the most amazing inventions ever created!

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