Blue and Yellow Paradise

I've been working on edits for Crow Stone during July and my outside world has shrunk down to mostly just dog walks. But during those walks, the dog and I try to appreciate the little things of life.

Walking past a radiant canola field today—the big blue prairie sky stretched endless above, puffy cumulus clouds scattered haphazardly for contrast—made me feel happy—happy and grateful. The rain that was missing during last year’s drought, has been plentiful this year, and the canola fields are bursting with yellow blossoms. 

So far, we’ve been fortunate to avoid the extreme heat that blisters much of earth this summer. It’s quite idyllic here in Manitoba. 

What are a few pesky mosquitoes when you consider the dangers of global warming, a continuing pandemic and an insane war? My afternoon dog-walk felt like a stroll through a blue and yellow paradise.

Blue and yellow.  The colours of Ukraine’s flag, symbolizing their blue sky and their yellow fields. Now their blue sky is filled with angry clouds of smoke and their yellow fields are tangled up with fighting. 

As if our world didn’t have enough problems. 

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