Book Birthday

It’s been a year since I had the thrill of spotting Tainted Amber on some of my favourite bookstore shelves, like McNally Robinson's here in Winnipeg or out in the Interlake where my mom and dad once had a cottage. I feel a special connection to the area, not least of all because the Baltic and Lake Winnipeg share similar winds, waves and shores. I’m grateful for the book's positive reception and to share that Ronsdale Press has now also made it available as an e-book. That makes it a great option for travellers, international readers, or those who've downsized and lack shelves. 
Tergerson's in Gimli, Manitoba

While talking about my books, I’m also excited to share the first review for my upcoming November release of Crow Stone, the follow-up to Tainted Amber. Thank you to Barbara Nickel, author of the heart-wrenching novel inspired by family memories, Dear Peter, Dear Ulla, set in the former city of Danzig at the outbreak of the Second World War. 

Nickel writes,  
“Packed with vivid detail, Crow Stone gives an unflinching view into the horrors and unbearable loss of the Second World War and its aftermath. A story of resilience and survival, told from the unique perspective of Katya who speaks the language of both German victim and Russian oppressor, this little-known piece of history resonates with indelible images.”

November 15, 2022

Making history come alive is such a passion for me and I know many people share this passion.  I’ll soon be able to release details of an upcoming panel discussion where a group of historical fiction authors will share their passion with a lively discussion. Stay tuned.

Can you imagine a world without books? E-books, hardcovers, or even ancient scrolls? Plus, we have so many ways now to access reading material. Online, of course, … but we also have community-minded bookstores, public libraries, quaint second-hand stores and those Little Free Libraries that line many suburban streets like fire hydrants. 

So many books, so many stories, so many lives to explore. Reading is almost like traveling (it’ll never replace the real thing) but without the expense, the line-ups, the politics or the dangers. Reading makes travel more interesting and travel leads to more reading. What a great circle to get caught up in. 

Happy Reading to all! 

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