TLA preparation

I've been working on my TLA (Texas Library Association) panel presentation. It's been fun re-visiting my work with a cultural diverse angle to it - rather than the usual historical one. It's also been a good exercise to assemble relevant literature into one concise collection. I've been collecting books on the Soviet times under Stalin for years now. I love my books.

When I look at the clutter of my life - I could probably get rid of most of it. I'd just keep the books and my rocks (okay, and those masterpieces my kids created).

I'm nervous and excited about TLA. I mean, I'm actually getting to go way down to Texas to talk about MY book. And I get to meet and mingle with real authors. It's going to be an adventure, that's for sure. My oldest daughter is traveling with me and we are going by bus (her idea) so that we see can actually see all the USA we pass - a 36 hour trip.

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