The 'Un'ordinary

I love weekends. It's the luxury of time, of being able to sleep in - just a little - of being able to have a second cup of coffee, of seeing sunlight stream through the still quiet house. Of course, if every day were a weekend day, I'd take all this for granted. The coffee, the time, the sunlight, ... why, it would all be ordinary. So here's another sip of coffee to the weekend and to the 'un'ordinary.

Ordinary is plain. Nobody wants to be ordinary. Everybody wants to be special - to be like a weekend - appreciated, enjoyed and indulged. I think childhood belongs to the 'weekend' part of life. Childhood goes slowly and is full of sensory detail - full of dust sparkling in slanted sunlight, full of tastes and smells more beautiful than morning coffee, and full of long moments of time.

Of course, long moments can also be full of loneliness and fear. But what about all those ordinary moments that go by so fast we don't even remember them? Decades of lost moments, sometimes.

This post is dedicated to weekends and to the unordinary moments that stay in our mind's eye - to remember - like childhood.

Word of the day: ordinary
... of common quality, rank, or ability
(from Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary)

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