Signs of Spring

Here in Winnipeg there are currently few signs of spring. The winter continues to be cold (minus 30 to 35 this past week). Still the sun is stronger and shines a bit longer every day. So even though the snow crunches crisp and loud as I walk my daily mail route, the birds (that scatter from their huddle in the bushes by the doors) and I know that spring is coming. We might not yet feel it in the temperature but we see it in the light.

Speaking of birds and spring - I got an email this week about a couple of articles I'd almost given up on. One is about storks and the other is about cuckoos. The birds are at home in parts of Eastern Europe and Ukraine where modernization has lagged. I'd done a bit of research on these birds for my novel and recycled this research into two articles that will (finally) be published by Ladybug magazine. Some years ago the company went through a restructure and even though the pieces had been accepted, I never heard any more after my editor left.

I'll share a bit more about these interesting birds next time.

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