Book Trailer (tweaked!)

I got my dear daughter to tweak my trailer - just a bit. Now she's in back-to-school mode and that's all the tweaking I'll get. But I really do like it and I love her for doing this for her old technically-challenged ma! (I love her for other reasons, too!)


Loretta said...

Hi Gabriele; I think the book trailer is wonderful, although a little fuzzy in parts. But maybe it was made fuzzy on purpose? Your book interests me very much. In 1910, my maternal grandparents and their parents immigrated from Russia (now Ukraine), near Rovno, and I began a novel in 2000 describing some of my grandma's adventures. I would love to finish it by next year, the 100th anniversary of their exodus. I'm looking forward to reading your book! I think it's fantastic that you made your mother's story come alive.
Loretta (from SCBWI)

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Thanks, Loretta. Yes- the fuzzy stuff is a bit confusing - (and, yes, she did that on purpose - to make it look old, I guess).

Those Germans from Russia are everywhere and a very unrepresented group in literature, I'd say. So finish your book!

I appreciate your feedback.

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