Long weekend coming up and I had the music on loud as I drove home from work - after all - it is the last weekend of summer and the weather is gorgeous.  I was indulging in the Abba music of the Mama Mia soundtrack. (I'd just seen Julia Julie this week - a movie I totally loved). I must admit that the determination to become a writer was fueled by Abba music (and the rock from my grandfather's windmill).

Anyway, I want to share a dream that's been hovering in my dreamscape. I like to imagine the The Kulak's Daughter as... (gulp - don't laugh) ... as a drama - maybe with some choreography and singing.  I saw a stage version of Naomi's Road a few years back while visiting in B.C. and was so impressed with how the printed word became a live stage production. I'd like to try writing a play version and have kids act out - not just characters -  but even objects in the book. 

I can hear you laughing. It's just a dream. But just let me learn some basic scriptwriting ... 

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Barrie said...

Always good to dream. Always. and... Happy Labour Day Weekend, Gabe!

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