Like many, I was drawn to Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. We all have disappointments, dreams that don’t work out. That is a bitter pill that we must all swallow. We work hard towards something, we give it our best, we surround ourselves with people who believe in us and yet things don’t always go our way. Does that mean we failed?

Of course not. In working towards our dreams we develop muscle and that strength stays with us. No matter what our dreams, our aspirations…it is the journey that satisfies, that nourishes, that inspires and even comforts us.

I’ve never dreamed of being a political leader. My dreams are much humbler. Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed, like I should just give up. And yet I draw inspiration from Clinton’s own loss. We who go after dreams know that achievement is not always measured by reaching the goal. Achievement is about effort and it’s about accepting defeat and continuing on with more dreams.  Let’s all keep dreaming.

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