German weather poem

April, April kann machen was er will.
Bald Regen und bald Sonnenschein.
Bald ist die Luft voll Schnee.

April, April can do what he wants.
First rain, then sunshine
Then the air is filled with snow.

Just had to share that German wisdom. I'd welcome the "April showers brings May flowers" weather since it implies WARMTH.

Enough about weather - I'm leaving for Texas next Saturday where I'm sure it'll be warm, sunny and best of all, raining books! (I mean, it's a library convention, right?)

I'm traveling down there by bus and look forward to viewing the great US of A through bus windows. It's all about the journey - not the destination.


Barrie said...

How fun, Gabe. We're both doing a little travelling. I just got back from AZ. Looking forward to the day our paths cross....

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Hey, Barrie
You spelled travelling the Cdn.
way! :)
Yes, that's the best part of 2k8 - getting to know fellow writers from all over!

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