Hazel Hutchins

What's so great about being 'creative' is that there is no right way to do. And maybe that's why we're so eager to hear how others beome successful. Each path, or should I say, each climb of the beanstalk, is unique. What we do look for when hearing other's stories of success, is validation for our own journey.

And with that little intro, let me introduce Hazel Hutchins. As our 'keynote' speaker - which implies Canada Council funding - she did two presentations, including one that was open to the public. Hazel was on fire. It's easy to see why she's published more than forty children's books - in a variety of genres. Not that she looks like a writer (ooh, and that's a good one - what does a children's writer look like?) When Hazel talked about her writing career she had everyone's rapt attention. She had energy, passion and attitude - and humility!
I also got to watch her in action when she presented to a room full of kids at a library. She demonstrated her juggling skills - research for one of her books.

I bet we all left the conference determined to be worse housekeepers than ever. Hazel has given us permission. Here's a sample of her advice. The spoon falls on the floor. Don't pick it up. Why? Because then you'll take it to the sink. Then you'll notice the dishes and wash them. Then you'll break something and get the broom. You'll sweep. Then you'll decide to wash the floor and before you know it two hours have passed, the kids are home, you're tired, or you've lost that creative juice. Thank you, Hazel!

She was a true inspiration. Her most recent book is After - a young adult novel.

The woman was dynamite!


Barrie said...

I'm ordering it. Thanks.

Barrie said...

Actually, I ended up ordering TJ and the Quiz Kids.

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